The 24/5 Trader – Impact of Technology on the Forex Market

First came commodities.

Then came technology. And with technology came the emergence of the Forex market that we know today – trading currencies around the globe all day and all night.

At first the banks had the upper hand. They were able to invest in technology that was able to pick points of buying and selling that, with their strength, left the individual Forex trader not only at a disadvantage but also as a target.

Today the situation has changed, because technology has made itself available to all those trading Forex. The same algorithms that go into the largest banks’ Forex trading systems are also available to you in Forex trading software robo-trading systems available online. If the playing field isn’t exactly level, it’s certainly not the mountain it used to be.

Ignoring the technology available on the Forex market widens the risk of being left far behind. Forex Review Journal not only keeps you up; but puts you ahead.

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