Forex Megadroid Uses Reverse Correlated Time and Price Analysis

Finding a robot that can deliver consistent accuracy and results is not the simplest of tasks. Since March 2009, Megadroid has managed to deliver that and more. To assist you in helping you fulfill your Forex trading strategy, Forex Review Journal reviewed the system for you and your trading strategy.

Our Megadroid review came back with mega results. Since its inception, Megadroid has stayed on the top of the best-sellers list when it comes to Forex robots. Listing a 2,270 percent net in 2009, it is the only robot to have that claim to fame.

The robot was created by two professional Forex traders that used their expertise to develop the system and create a virtual Forex expert trader in the market. This system created a new Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the online Forex industry.

The program is easily and instantly downloadable – simple setup all the way. Megadroid uses a system called Reverse Correlated Time and Price Analysis (RCTPA) that allows the software to look at historical figures, so it can predict what will happen in the immediate future. Sounds simple and a bit risky, but the program has a 96 percent accuracy rating by using this method!

Our review of Megadroid found that having a smart robot system that delivers solid results time and time again never felt so great. To find out more about Forex Megadroid, check out the website.