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Professional trader and algotrading developer.

Selecting the right broker is one of the most important parts of your trading strategy. We’ve taken the time to review brokers out in the forex market and delivered this insight to you.

One of the first, and still one of the most popular, automated Forex trading systems is Forex Auto Pilot. Our review of Forex Auto Pilot wouldn’t be complete without noting that probably the stand-out feature of this robot trader is that it is used by its creators. These are not theorists but actual Forex traders [...]

The Forex Detector website claims, “The champ is here.” A lofty claim. However, our review shows Dectector may be just that. There are many automated Forex trading systems out there, and it’s hard to weed out the claims from the facts.

Finding a robot that can deliver consistent accuracy and results is not the simplest of tasks. Since March 2009, Megadroid has managed to deliver that and more. To assist you in helping you fulfill your Forex trading strategy, Forex Review Journal reviewed the system for you and your trading strategy.

Anytime traders deal with automated Forex trading, they are concerned with only one thing – results. And our review of Forex Tracer deals with results. You can go into detail about extended algorithms and every other technical jargon the Forex newbie might be impressed with, but at the end of the day, every Forex trader [...]

IvyBot was voted the #1 automated system in 2009. Forex Review Journal conducted an IvyBot review to see how this automated robot could help you reach your Forex dreams.

Based on our review, 10Pips is one of the best Forex brokers.

With all the online Forex trading options out there, Forex Review Journal took a peek at a simple and accessible way to get involved. This Easy-Forex review finds out how this site can help you in achieving your Forex trading aspirations.

Whether you are just starting to learn about the Forex market, have dabbled in it before or are an online Forex pro, it is important to invest time in learning.

Have 25 minutes to learn a new approach to Forex? Forex Rebellion may be calling.