10Pips – A Personal Expert is Assigned to You

Based on our review, 10Pips is one of the best Forex brokers. And for good reason. For the trader new to online Forex trading it’s the perfect place to start. The demo account is complete, and there is no time limit or expiration date. Plus, when you’re ready to go live, 10Pips will give you $20 to start with, and no deposit is required. Then, when you’re comfortable and ready to make a deposit, the bonuses go up to $1,000. The convenient and quick deposit/withdrawal system works with everything from major credit cards to PayPal.

The 10Pips trading platform is simple and straight forward. At any level of trading experience, a trader doesn’t want to be bogged down by complicated software. The menus are intuitive and depending on your needs, very adaptable. Switching currency pairs or changing indices merely require a few clicks. However, if there are questions, each trader is assigned his or her own Forex expert from 10Pips. In this world of anonymous call centers, it’s quite unusual to have someone with a name to call.

This Forex broker is truly full service. You are not restricted to trading the Forex market. Trading is available in commodities as well as stocks and equity indices in a single platform.

Of course, 10Pips offers real-time quotes and charts. But what sets this broker apart is that its Forex trading software allows trading directly from the charts’ view. A technician’s dream.

Even the 10Pips is easy to navigate, and in less than five minutes you’re ready to trade. Whether it’s the demo or the live account, we at Forex Review Journal recommend that you check out 10Pips.